101 Positions for Amazing Sex

Ready to shake up your sex life?

Are you one of those couples who has two to three favorite sex positions and rarely deviates from them? Let me take a stab at what they are: If you’re both a bit tired and in that guess-we-better-do-it-but-would-secretly-prefer-to-watch-TV mood, he rolls on top. If you’ve just come back from a fun, boozy night out and you’re three sheets to the wind, she’ll jump on top — or if you’re really feeling adventurous, he’ll take her from behind.

How did I know? Take a close look at that innocent-looking lamp sitting on your bedside table — it’s actually a sophisticated bugging device. Or it could be I knew because this is the routine pretty much all couples fall into when they’ve been together a while.

We’re all wildly experimental at the start when we’re out to impress — happily locking our ankles behind our heads and dangling daringly upside-down without complaint. But i’t s a different story once you’re both settled, all cuddly and nicely domesticated. You know you should try something new on the position front, something more dynamic, a bit bold and venturesome, but what? There are only five positions — side-by-side. standing, him on top, her on top, and from behind — and you’ve already chosen your favorites from that little line-up.

You know you should try something new, something more dynamic, bold and venturesome. But what? There are only five positions and you’ve already chosen your favorites from that little line-up.

But while there might be only five positions, by God, there are some deliciously tempting variations on each of them, and this website is going to make it soooooooo easy for you to choose from those variations that you’ll want to try some (or all) of them!

Sex Positions Illustrated is a saucy collection of all my absolute favorites, handily organized into different categories to suit all your different moods. Decide what you like, then click to the section and style that suits you best — heart-to-heart, steamy, kama sutra classics, or wet & wild. Alongside, you’ll also find a good smattering of other stuff to tickle your fancy — tips, tricks and talk pieces designed to intrigue you, inspire you and up the orgasm quota for both of you.

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  1. Brandon Ray says:

    Are there any good video compilations of all these sexy position available?

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